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Considering Others More Important

I encouraged the people in my Bible study group to think about this: going a day where nothing is done from selfish ambition or conceit. That’s already hard. On that same topic, though, what about our thought lives? I know that I can be pretty stuck-up and arrogant in my thoughts, even if it doesn’t always show up in my actions. Jesus didn’t even consider the possibility of equality with God while He was on this earth. But He was, and could have rightfully done so. Just shows me that there’s a long road ahead in that regard.

I guess another thing I’m thinking is about considering others as more important than myself. I’m a pretty busy guy, and my time is valuable to me. So I sometimes get annoyed when I feel like people are taking it up. When I do that, I’m implicitly considering my time, my work, my whatever as more valuable than this person. Yeah, this kinda goes back to the thought life and arrogance and selfishness there. It’s challenging for me to put this into action, since I like things efficient and on time (heh), and I don’t take delays as well as other people do.

So, I guess, think about people in your life that you might find try your patience or nerves, eat up your time, or whatever. What would it be like for you to live considering them more important than you?



3 thoughts on “Considering Others More Important

  1. Yeah, we could slow down some and remember that people are more important than the efficiency that serves their needs. Our sense of time here is dictated by the industrial-commercial-urban lifestyle.

    Egyptian time’s a bit extreme, though. But something tells me being tardy because of laziness is a bad thing too. Nevertheless, let’s take out the plank before we try to take out the speck.

    Posted by Lue-Yee Tsang | March 4, 2008, 3:12 am
  2. Yes the plank before the speck.

    So, I think the fundamental question here really is: How should be best manage our time?

    It’s clearly not counting every millisecond of our time and being upset with others when they “mess up” our schedule

    It’s obviously not being so lazy that 1pm means the same as 4pm.

    Lord Grant me discernment as to how best to spend Your time that You have given me

    Closing thought-An illustration I’ve been told: Christ is 1 and everything else is 0. Where you put that 1 on your list of priorities determines how well you’ve spent your time.
    In other words, things placed after Christ, Christ will give meaning.

    Posted by zoebios121 | March 4, 2008, 4:32 am
  3. Perhaps the key is to be strict with yourself, but lenient and more forgiving with others? As in, you should make sure to show up on time, but if others don’t, we shouldn’t judge.

    Posted by Lady Dragonart | March 4, 2008, 7:33 pm

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