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Random Thoughts on Evangelism, Joy and Compassion

I think this is a good passage to think about in light of the Missions Conference that just passed. It’s challenging to me in that John states that his joy will be completed in proclaiming the gospel and seeing more people come to Christ. I’m happy when I hear about other people accepting Christ as Lord and Savior, but I don’t know if I could say that it is the thing that really gets me going. And this is probably why missions and sharing the gospel with random people comes so hard for me. Certainly, I care about some of my friends and have a heart for them and pray regularly that they will find Christ. But when it comes to faceless, random people in the world that I don’t know, the compassion just isn’t strong enough. I often find it a lot harder to pray for countries or people groups to receive Christ, because it seems so impersonal. But the scope of John’s message and Christ’s compassion universal. It didn’t just extend to his friends or people he’d gotten to know well. I’m sure that it included a lot of those types of people, but it went far beyond that. Just a challenge for me coming out of this weekend and this passage.



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